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     the refrigerator door review

          fresh poems on the outside


Maria Cardinale

poetry editor:

Francesca Anello

magnet editor:

Nancy Ferko

Something wonderful has happened to poetry! Classic editing that tantalizes your literary senses!

A sparkling exterior that presents more...says more...serves years longer...and is yours now in...

the refrigerator door review

Yes, something wonderful has happened to poetry. 
Why not let it happen to you?




the refrigerator door review

Issue 1 / June 24, 2020

The Refrigerator Door Review, Issue 1 -

In This Issue:

Leon Spiro, Dan Gerber, Bob Kaufman, klipschutz, Helene Johnson, Paul Fericano, Jimi Hendrix, John Bennett, Aileen Cassinetto, Ellen Bass, John Ridland, Horace Mann, Eric Hoffer, Seneca. 

the refrigerator door review

Issue 2 / July 17, 2020

The Refrigerator Review, Issue 2 - Good.

In This Issue:

Ann Menebroker, Rainer Maria Rilke, Art Beck, Horace Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Ken Waldman, Phyllis Klein, Stephen Crane, Connie Post, Karl Shapiro, Paul Fericano, Eric Hoffer, Seneca.

the refrigerator door review

Issue 4 / September 30, 2020

the refrigerator door review

Issue 3 / August 24, 2020

TRDR 3 pnt.jpg

In This Issue:

Gwendolynn Brooks, Joan Colby, George Guida, Emily Dickinson, Steve Kowit, Mary Oliver, Jendi Reiter, George Carlin, Julian Bond, Mia Kelly, Ray Bradbury, Vachel Lindsay, Laurel Speer, Shirley Chisholm, Seneca.

the refrigerator door review - Issue 4 -

In This Issue:

Edward Field, A.D. Winans, Emma Trelles, Caroline Goodwin, Rich Yurman, John Lewis, Don Zelaya, Ann Cerri, Tina Fulker, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Susan Blomstad, Vachel Lindsay, Seneca, Edgar Allan Poe, Steve Sneyd

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