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February 17, 2021 (YU) - Rush Limbaugh, the bombastic hate mongering alt-right talk show host who died earlier today, was reportedly seen two hours later by several witnesses who observed Limbaugh sitting in a booth at a Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in Detroit wearing two paper cups over his ears and talking loudly into a plastic fork. When told by management that he was causing a disturbance and had to leave,  Limbaugh allegedly shouted, "My studio has been breached by a violent mob of Black Lives Matter Antifa thugs!" He then fled the restaurant by diving through a closed window. Assistant Manager George Mayfair, who is black, told authorities that moments after the restaurant opened this morning Limbaugh suddenly appeared at the counter and ordered the 12 Piece Ghost Pepper Wings Combo (Large).


YU News Dispatch 1002172100


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