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Setting the Standard for Parody Journalism, the Arts and Other Targeted Professions.

     YU News Service was founded in 1980 as a counterpoint to Reaganism. It has since established several publishing imprints dedicated to varied works of social and political satire. It has a particular interest in the influence of religion, politics and popular culture on daily social life. These imprints include, among others: Poor Souls Press / Scaramouche Books, Little City Press, Johnny Get Angry, First the News Press, News From Outer Space, as well as collaborations with other independent presses, including Greydog Press, Wagon Train Books, Smakface, Poems For All Press and Mondo Editions.  


     Its first imprint, Poor Souls Press / Scaramouche Books (formerly Scarecrow Books) was established in 1976 by poet and satirist Paul Fericano. It was consolidated under YU News Service (Yossarian Universal News Service / YU) and co-founded in 1980 by Fericano and fellow poet and satirist Elio Ligi. Its effort were in direct response to Ronald Reagan's presidency. In 1984, promoting the fundamental beliefs in freedom of, with, and from the press, it registered with Editor & Publisher's Syndicated Services as a legitimate publishing enterprise. Offering full disclosure and complete transparency, it openly defined itself as "a professional parody news and information syndicate". Since then, YU News Service has been credentialed by agencies and organizations involved in government, law enforcement, education, religion, the arts and sports. Go figure.

    Predating The Onion and The Daily Show by several years, YU launched a series of satiric news stories as a counterpoint to an aggressive and reactionary Republican agenda. In 1982 it began offering its own press card for sale to anyone who applied for one. Throughout the eighties, YU's dispatches were published as bound "Briefbooks" and distributed to hundreds of diverse media subscribers in the U.S. and abroad, including The Los Angeles Times, Inside Joke, The Nation, Soho Arts Weekly, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Realist, Mother Jones, The Progressive, National Public Radio, Saturday Night Live, Punch (London), El Pais (Spain), La Prensa (Mexico), El Diario (Nicaragua) and Krokodil (Moscow). From mainstream publications to college newspapers to small press journals to throwaway shoppers, YU's unbylined syndicated stories appeared in hundreds of  publications from San Francisco to Berlin, from Tokyo to Bueno Aires, and often with with no other explanation to readers other than a notice identifying them as subscribing members of YU News Service. 

       In 1984, The One Minute President, a Candide-inspired satire on the policies of the Reagan administration, was first published by YU News Service / Poor Souls Press in Germany with a U.S. edition of the book following two years later. In January, 1987, YU News became the first publishing and news organization to coin the term "Nancygate" to describe the Iran/Contra Affair, holding the First Lady accountable for allowing the President to sleep through both his terms.

    In the nineties under Presidents George H. Bush and Bill Clinton, YU News continued to report on the growing conservative takeover, publishing a series of investigative reports on such luminaries and lunatics as Jerry Falwell, Charlton Heston, Newt Gingrich, Clint Eastwood, Rush Limbaugh, Pope John Paul II, Frank Sinatra, and the brain of former CIA Director William Casey.

      After the theft of the 2000 presidential election, YU News Service issued regular weekly dispatches chronicling George W. Bush's first year in office. Three days after 9/11, YU was the first news organization in the country to identify Bush's crusade against terrorism as his re-election campaign war. Our weekly stories were received by thousands of email subscribers all over the world and posted online at ZNet Interactive. A collection of these stories, I, Terrorist: Dispatches from the Front, and published by YU News in 2004, was initially rejected by over twenty U.S. publishers at the height of Bush's popularity in 2002 - 2003.

        From 2008 to 2016, YU News Service kept Barack Obama's feet to the fire but also had his back, issuing blistering satires on Republican efforts to de-legitimize his presidency and make themselves inconsequential. Our infamous interviews with Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, John Bohner, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and others, will be fully archived and available for access in the future at  Universal Times: Interviews with the Departed.    

      In 2017, as Trump and the GOP colluded with alternative reality, Yossarian Universal doubled down. Beginning with Fericano's Bulitzer Prize-winning satire, Things That Go Trump in the Night, continuing with Ligi's Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic Lounge & Laundromat, and culminating with The Suicide Notes (2020 - 2021),  speaking truth to power had rightfully morphed into speaking crazy to crazy.


       Today, in a disturbing political climate that many refer to as the dark and cynical days of American democracy, those who deny truth, hide from it, and are uncomfortable in its presence, will always be offended by satire. But if satire doesn't offend, particularly those who are offensive, then it's not doing its job. YU continues to do its job and do what it does best: to make us laugh and question why we are laughing.




Editor / Publisher

Paul Fericano

Managing Editors, 

Joseph Anello, Lee Behnken, Vern Ferguson

Jo McBain, Bruce Pryor, S.M. Ognarud

Assistant Managing Editors

Thelma Brooks, Rosa Campolindo, 

Luke  Grady, Kate Kelly,

Kennedy MacDonald, Alice Nu


Managing Editor Emeritus

Elio Ligi

Associate Editors

Reina Carlson, Sondra Duvalier,

VJ Kuhl, Troy Nielsen, Nancy Stulberg,

Ron Weiss. Lance Withers, Bea Yu

Foreign Editors

Vasily Arkoff, Carla Danvers, 

Brianna Gerhardt, Saul Hoffman, 

Roberto Montenegro, Kurt Meisner, 

Jules Napier, Paloma Napoli, 

Tina Pryce, Patrick Rosemont, 

Nadiya Shevchenko, John Wanjiku

Amy  Yee. James Chen Zhou

Design Editor

Jaray Hasmani

Executive Literary Editors

Lorraine Flynt, Elsa Müller

Poetry Editors
Francesca Anello, Abby Burghar,
Kent Curtis,

Constance Jones, Maddy Logan, 

Angelina Parenti, Ann Pasquale 

Creative Director 
Charlene Pollack 

Deputy Editors
Tiger Kile, Vince Meloni, Cindy Yee 

Executive Digital Director 
Ben Hogan

Director of Editorial Operations 
Andrea Prime

Executive Editors 
Shelley Howorth, Harry Lynch 

Editor, The Broadsider

 Berri Elder 

Editor, Giuseppe Magazine

Joseph Anello

Editor, The Minderbinder Review of Books

Judy Vargas Lopez

Editor, Poetry Hotel

Bruce Pryor

Editor, The Refrigerator Door Review

Maria Cardinale

Executive Hollywood Editor 

Will Giles

Director of Special Projects 

Sonya Marks 

Global Head of Talent 
Mena Ward Frank

Senior West Coast Editor 
Henna Hennemuth 

Senior Editor  
Sonny Calderone

Senior Hollywood Editor 
Hazel Busis 

Celebrity Editor 
Magdalena Coughlan 


Senior Editor 
Josiah Weir

Entertainment Director 
Adrianna Brody 

E-Commerce Editor 
Tricia M. Evans

Senior Media Correspondent 
Paul Pompeo 

National Correspondent 
Micheala Jane Fox 

Politics Correspondent 
Brigit Levin

Senior Hollywood Correspondent 
Rocco Breznican 

Senior Swag Correspondent 
Olivia Cai 

Senior Awards Correspondent 
Edwina Ford

National Political Reporter 
Ulva Tracy 

Chief Critic 
Mickey Lawson 

Senior Features Writer 
Denise Miller

TV Correspondent 
Jill Press 

Senior Staff Writer 
Missy Robinson 

TV Critic 
Lupe Saraiya 

Art Columnist 
Stone Freeman

Staff Writers 
Luther Adler, Cub Bryant, Tim Canfield,

Manny da Costa, Honey Desta, Drake Klein,

Colin Murphy, Regina Vanderhoof

Staff Reporters
Silas Ecarma, Vernon Sabarz, M.R. Tewksbury,

Julia McNair, Cathy O'Connor,

Cindy Markowitz 

Staff Reviewers

The Minderbinder Review of Books

John Abel, Anthony Altobelli,

Vicki Basenfelder, Anne Bensen,

Larry Bettencourt, Veronica Ruth Biggs ,

Rhonda Brewer, Donna Boyle,

Tammy Jessica Cantwell, Reina Carlson,

Christopher Cerf, Tony Cervelli,

Michel Choquette, Billy Collins, Sam Cooper,

Kat Daly, Walt Danneman, Andy Darlington,

Milo de Angelis, Alex DeFloria,

Simone Del Rosario, Maria di Olivia, 

Sylvia Dombrink, Oliver Donaldi,

Sondra Duvalier, Peter Elbling, Ronald Elliott,

Carol Elzarian, Louis Farrell,

Vern Ferguson. Nancy Ferko,

Patricia Fanelli, Melinda Fong,

Calle Gale, Richard Grayson,

Mia Greenberg, George Guida,

Garth Hansen, Tony Hendra,

Cindy Higgins, Lacey Gable Howard,

Andrew i, Saanvi Khatoon, Viktor Kiely,

Dave Kimbell, Phyllis Klein,

Rick Kleinman, Monica Klimko,

klipschutz, Jack Kretch, VJ Kuhl,

Bill Lockhart, Brenda J. Leon,

Angelo Martinelli, H. L. Mencken,

Mark Montpass, Ariana Mohajeri Petersen,

Troy Nielsen, Mycroft Partner, Karla Pizzo,

Bruce Pryor, Bob Quintis, Mary Rainaldi,

Francesca Rogers, Clifford Shutes,

Don Skiles, Laura Spiro,

Nancy Stulberg, Rosemerry Trommer,

Amy Trousdale, Frank Walton,

Ron Weiss, James Whitehead,

Seth Woo, Leo Zeibak

Special Correspondents 
Bob Bilton, Jeff Burrough, Irene Hagan,
Mary Orth,

Alma Pressler, Davi Seal, Peebo Sherman

Arthur Brenner, D. T. Frank,

Claudia Hansen, Robert Murphy,

Lisa Peterson, Thomas Pynchon,

Richard Reginato, Gregory Siliato

Web Producer 
Thelma Archer 

Associate Producer 
Nagano Hasan

Assistant to the Editor /  Publisher
Rosella Tijerina 

Editorial Assistants 
Fatima Diop, Maya Holliday, Marsha Walsh

Special Projects Manager 
Mortimer Bergen 

Special Projects Associate 
Susan Oliver

Business Director 
Sal Collins 

Director of Product 
Wendy Yuen


Legal Editors

Thelma Brooks, Francisco Cardenal,

Rosa Campolindo., Arthur Jefferson 


Literary Representatives

Paula Duckett, Olympia Luciana,

Frank Piltchard, Richard Wren


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