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YU News Service has been proud to utilize the professional editing services of Kurt Lipschutz for more than ten years. His knowledge of how things work and how they ought to work has been so invaluable to our success that we have never hesitated to recommend him to any writer in search of a saner life. Behind the ink-stained notion of a no-nonsense editor lies the steel-trap mind of a born humanist. One of the main reasons we admire Kurt so much is that his sense of self is always in sync with his sense of humor.   


Kurt has been an editor for over twenty years, ranging from hands-on line edits to copy edits to structural and developmental work. While specializing in all stages of literary prose and poetry—concept, motivation, revision, finishing touches—beyond those disciplines he has ghostwritten, proofread, and whipped into shape reviews, essays, legal documents, professional journal articles, and more.


His background as a working writer and professional songsmith, coupled with stints as a law office factotum and in musical theatre, puts him in a unique position to help writers achieve their goals. Every client is top priority and receives his full attention.

If you've been thinking about next steps with your writing project--no matter how big or small--and view the task of finding a good editor a bit daunting, visit Kurt's website and make an informed choice.

 lipschutz editing 


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