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  the minderbinder review of books

The Premiere Resource for the One-Sentence Book Review

TMRB Submission Policy



Authors and publishers who would like to have their books considered for review in The Minderbinder Review of Books 

are asked to follow these simple requirements:

1. Email us through our representatives.

2. In the subject field write: "TMRB Submission."

3. In the body of your email, list the following: book title, author, publisher, year of publication and website.*  

4. Include your name and contact info.  

5. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. Any email with unsolicited attachments will be automatically deleted. 

* This should be a website of your choice, e.g.: author, publisher, bookstore, Amazon, Witness Protection Program, etc. .



The staff reviewers of The Minderbinder Review of Books are a well-provisioned army of literary Davy Crocketts capable of tracking down any book. 

Our combined inventories contain hundreds of thousands of titles. 

If your book is out there and we're interested, we'll find it even if we have to beg, borrow or collude with it. 

If we can't get our hands on a copy we'll contact you and request one by traditional means.  



All books chosen by staff for review are posted on TMRB site.

TMRB also posts its reviews on other sites and platforms, where books are sold, if and when it's possible and applicable. 

In 2022, as a courtesy to publishers, TMRB began notifying publishers (by mail) when one of their titles had been reviewed.


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