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Reina Carlson, Sondra Duvalier, VJ Kuhl, Troy Nielsen, Nancy Stulberg, Ron Weiss

COPY EDITORS: Abby Burghar, Kurt Lipschutz, Angelina Parenti 

LEGAL EDITOR: Thelma Brooks

ILLEGAL EDITOR: Francisco Montoya

STAFF REVIEWERS:  John Abel (JA), Anthony Altobelli (AA), Vicki Basenfelder (VB), Anne Bensen (AB), Larry Bettencourt (LB), Veronica Ruth Biggs (VRB), Rhonda Brewer (RB), Donna Boyle (DB), Tammy Jessica Cantwell (TJC), Reina Carlson (RC), Sam Cooper (SC), Tony Cervelli (TC), Billy Collins (BC), Andy Darlington (AD), Alex DeFloria (AD), Simone Del Rosario (SDR), Sylvia Dombrink (SD), Sondra Duvalier (SOD), Ronald Elliott (RE), Carol Elzarian (CE), Louis Farrell (LF), Nancy Ferko (NF), Paul Fielding (PF), Calle Gale (CG), Richard Grayson (RG), Mia Greenberg (MG), George Guida (GG), Garth Hansen (GH), Cindy Higgins (CH), Lacey Gable Howard (LGH); Viktor Kiely (VK), Dave Kimbell (DK), Phyllis Klein (PK), VJ Kuhl (VJK), Bill Lockhart (BL), Brenda J. Leon (BJL), Troy Nielsen (TN), Angelo Martinelli (AM), Mark Montpass (MM), Karla Pizzo (KP), Bruce Pryor (BP), Bob Quintis (BQ), Mary Rainaldi (MR), Francesca Rogers (FR), Don Skiles (DS), Laura Spiro (LS), Nancy Stulberg (NS), Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer (RWT), Frank Walton (FW), Ron Weiss (RW), Leo Zeibak (LZ).

EDITORIAL CONTACT: Richard Wren, Piltchard & Wren Literary Agency

NOTE: The Minderbinder Review of Books employs several fat-checkers on staff. By submitting a one-sentence book review, all reviewers provide tacit consent for The Minderbinder Review of Books to copy edit, if necessary, no more than one word from their review before posting. The Minderbinder Review of Books may also consider it necessary to insert or remove a hyphen, change an en dash to an em dash (or vice versa) and/or change it back again. This policy strives to remain true to the core principles of The Minderbinder Review of Books and to honor the motto inspired by H.L. Mencken: "One too many words is one toke over the line." 

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