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Frank Piltchard

Senior Agent


Richard Wren

Senior Agent


Paula Duckett



Olympia Luciana



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The Management of Poetry Hotel is not responsible for loss of money, jewelry or manuscripts deposited in Billy Collins’ safe.

Paul Fericano, Room 51

Jendi Reiter, Room 52

Zoë Christopher, Room 53

Art Beck, Room 54

Phyllis Klein, Room 55

Room 56

Perie Longo, Room 57

J.T. Whitehead, Room 58

Connie Post, Room 59

Susan Chiavelli, Room 60

Bill Burns, Room 61

George Guida, Room 62

Ellaraine Lockie, Room 63

A.D. Winans, Room 64

Terry Reis Kennedy, Room 65

Michael Shay, Room 66

Ken Waldman, Room 67

Dorell DiRicco, Room 68

Room 69

Room 70

Room 71

Room 72

Room 73

Room 74

Room 75

Room 76

Room 77

Room 78

Room 79

Room 80

Room 81

Room 82

Room 83

Room 84

Room 85

Room 86

Room 87

Room 88

Room 89

Room 90

Room 91

Room 92

Room 93

Room 94

Room 95

Room 96

Room 97

Room 98

Room 99

Room 100

Room 420

Ann Menebroker

Steve Kowit

Ambrose Bierce

Emily Dickinson

Helene Johnson

Louis McKee

Karl Shapiro

Wanda Coleman

Richard Eberhart

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