2009 : The Broadsider, Series 1 - 30

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1-4. Paul Fericano
5. Angela Jochim
6. Cielle Tewksbury
7. Klipschutz
8. Dan Gerber
9. Ann Menebroker
10. Barry Spacks
12. A.D Wianans
13. Joyce Odam
14. Edward Field
15. Robert Bly
16. Joyce La Mers
17. B.L. Kennedy
18. Wanda Coleman
19. Hugh Fox
20. Leah Angstman
21. Irene McKinney
11. Ellen Bass
22. Carol DeCanio
23. Roger Langton
24. Gerald Locklin
25. Laurel Speer
26. Ron Koertge
27. Lyn Lifshin
28. Penelope Rosemont
29. Perie Longo
30. Ligi
San Francisco        Portland              Los Angeles        Palermo

Frank Piltchard

Senior Agent


Richard Wren

Senior Agent


Paula Duckett



Olympia Luciana



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