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The Broadsider

A Magazine of Rescued Poems

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Most poetry is rarely, if ever, revealed to a significant readership again after its initial exposure. While some poems gain more visibility over time, many more are published only once by small publications with limited distribution or appear on webzines with little traffic. The Broadsider attempts to change this in some small way by showcasing poetry in a significant and meaningful fashion.

The Broadsider began ambitiously in 2009 as an annual magazine of limited edition, numbered and signed poetry broadsides. The first two years saw two published annuals (Volume 1, Series 1-30; and Volume 2, Series 1-17) which included a combined total of 47 broadsides by 44 different poets.

Because of our own debt ceiling crisis, the published annuals have been discontinued. In 2011 we began publishing individual broadsides as separate and complete volumes in and of themselves. These broadsides are in editions of 100 signed copies (Limited Edition Issue). The Regular Issue of each broadside (unsigned) will be published and displayed on The Broadsider website. All work chosen for inclusion is by invitation only.

The editors will continue to showcase previously published poems and will publish as many volumes in any given year as finances dictate. This will occur from January thru November of each year. Complete sets of the first two volumes are still available for sale: a Limited Edition Issue (numbered and signed), and a Regular Issue (unsigned).

The Broadsider uses 2-3 color as well as full color inks and is printed on various 65# acid-free, color cover stock. An appropriate graphic complements the text. Poets selected for each volume, which include the well-known and the not-so-well-known, receive half the print run as payment, plus a PDF of their broadside. In addition, each poet chosen for The Broadsider is eligible to be nominated for a Bulitzer Prize in the "Poetry Broadside" category.

We rely on an extensive library of small press books and literary magazines to make our selections. We also peruse hundreds of current poetry books, chapbooks, anthologies, journals, blogs, and webzines each year. Though we neither request or encourage it, poets and publishers are free to donate poetry books, magazines, anthologies, etc., to The Broadsider. No material can be acknowledged or returned and contributing in this manner does not guarantee selection for inclusion in The Broadsider in any way.

We invite you to browse, view, and enjoy all the Regular Issue poetry broadsides we've published and posted here on The Broadsider website. In most cases a photo of each poet signing his/her broadside appears alongside each series. Information on each poet can be found by clicking on "About the Poets" at the top of each volume. If you would like to purchase original signed or unsigned copies of any broadside as well as complete sets, please refer to our Pricing.

The Broadsider . Editor: Paul Fericano; Associate Editors: Patricia Anderson, Barbara Elzarian, Vern Ferguson, Bruce Pryor, Jack Van Geem. Copyrighted publication and broadsides. Previously published poems copyrighted by the poet, magazine and/or press and duly credited on the broadsides. The Broadsider is a subsidiary of Yossarian Universal News Service (YU News Service) and distributed free to select libraries, colleges, universities, bookstores, and review outlets. Archived at MYU Special Collections Library, and M. Howard University, Acquisitions Dept.


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The Broadsider 2009. Volume 1. Series 1 - 30. Numbered and Signed Issue.

Limited to 20 sealed copies. $200.

The Broadsider 2009. Volume 1. Series 1 - 30. Regular Issue.

Limited to 40 sealed copies. $100.

View Volume 1, Series 1 - 30, 2009.

The Broadsider 2010. Volume 2. Series 1 - 17. Numbered and Signed Issue.

Limited to 20 sealed copies. $100.

The Broadsider 2010. Volume 2. Series 1 - 17. Regular Issue.

Limited to 40 sealed copies. $50.

View Volume 2, Series 1 - 17, 2010.

Individual Broadsides from Volumes 1 (2009) and 2 (2010)

Limited Edition Issue (numbered and signed): $10 each

Regular Issue (unsigned): $5 each

Individual Broadsides/Volumes (2011 - )

Limited Edition Issue only (signed): $5 each.

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